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MDL_STUDIO and Associates
 mob.: +39-3348690494 / UK +44-7340977474


Our research topic is linked to a double cultural stimulus: the first was born in 2004, the year in which MdL_studio (Matter of Light) was founded, Christian Beck of Queen Mary University of London and Michael Mackey of McGill University of Montreal theorized dark energy, calculating it experimentally through the Josephson junction, measuring how the visible , light, was only 4.9% of the matter and energy of the universe, for us it was disconcerting .... it resized us as a small part of a whole we were an exceptionality that made our field of interest as architects precious. Therefore truth and clarity are our field of investigation as architects, and from this assumption opens the second starting point for reflections that we can link to the Japanese current defined as Mono-Ha "The school of things". It consists in researching and revealing reality beyond appearance, an occasion for revelation, for the expression of emptiness: an object, a work is never different from the space it occupies nor does it coincide with it, artisans of the here and now, working in the visible in the light in the wisdom of tradition, narrators and guardians of the richness of the essence of nature 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tommaso Allegra 

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